Photography – it’s the new rock and roll

Web development work is a fascinating area to work in. My good friends over at Studio G, Oldham called me in to do some bits and bobs for them (source and set up a new PC and so on).

From there, I got to meet the owners and frankly inspirational people behind Welshot Photographic Academy. I went to meet them to have a chat about taking over the hosting and management of their website.

Working on the Welshot site has been fantastic. It is an enriched community of supportive and friendly photographers ranging from people who snap with their phones (Like me) to people with cameras that boggle the mind.

I’ve been engaged with some fairly big changes to the site and there are more to come. I am very proud to be a Strategic Business Partner with Welshot.

I’ve been working of late on a new template page for photographers that will allow them to display their work, engage with fans and also, should they want to, sell their wares.

Again, my good, good friends at Studio G are going to meet up with me to have a chat about what would be needed on a template site (and have offered to help me test it) – just need to get there!

For now though, here is a photograph I took. Like most, it’s of one of my children. Photography – it’s the new rock and roll, I tell you.

If you’d like to know more, or are interested in having the same kind of service as Welshot get, please get in touch. It’s always about the people coming first and not the technology.

Ruby and JoJo

Ruby and JoJo (they’re always called JoJo)

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