This week…

I’ve been working on a few things. I have migrated my hosting to godaddy so I can grant cPanel access to those customers who require it.

All sites have moved over successfully.

I’ve also written some user guides on viewing Gmail calendars in 365 and vice versa. These are really useful  if you have existing personal calendars and want to be able to see them regardless of where you are.

Saddleworth and Lees Business Network (a group on Facebook) have a basic website which I am presently extending to create a member directory and messaging platform. It’s currently in trial behind the scenes at the moment. Once it’s live I’ll post the link here.

I also wanted to share a very kind and pleasant email I had from a customer.

“I thought I was quite techy-literate but I’d not have coped without you on my team.”

It’s great to get emails like this – it shows that what I am doing and how I am doing it is right.

Till next time then….

Chris @ the hub

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